Adjustable Stomach Staple

Adjustable Gastric Band:

Adjustable gastric band is a silicone band placed on the upper part of the stomach. Its firmness can be adjusted by means of a port inserted under the skin. It is an operation that limits the eating. Use of it is gradually decreasing nowadays due to some problems it leads.


Operation is performed under general anesthesia using the laparoscopic method. The operation can be performed through 5 holes or a single hole. This band, inserted into abdomen by creating a tunnel from behind of junction of the stomach with esophagus, is passed through this tunnel. A balloon that is inserted into the stomach by the anesthesia is inflated for 15-30 ml, and the band is then locked in a way that is will remain below the balloon. The band is fixated to the stomach with sutures. A port is inserted under the skin to adjust the firmness of the band and this port is connected to the band.


• The technique used is simple, operation time is short.
• It has a low complication rate because no incision in the stomach and no procedure in the intestines are performed.
• Length of hospital stay is short.
• It is reversible and can be adjusted.
• The risk of vitamin and mineral deficiency is very low.


• Slower and less weight loss compared to other methods.
• There is a truncal foreign body.
• Band slippage or stomach perforation may occur.
• Mechanical problems related with the band, tube and port may be observed.
• Expansion of the esophagus may be observed secondary to overeating.
• Frequent follow-up is required.
• Rate of reoperation is high due to problems.